Since 2020, outdoor wedding venues have been sought after by many brides. It’s not easy to find an elegant venue but when you do find one, it has to be magical. Many people ask me which ones I’d recommend.

Here’s my list:


1) Vignobles Ste Agnes

I chose this one as my top pick because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Located near Mount-Sutton, Vignobles Ste Agnes is one of those rare gems you never hear about. You need to be in the know to have your wedding at this stunning location. This vineyard was established in 1997 by Henrietta Antony, an antique dealer from Montreal. The vineyard takes its name from a stone chapel erected on the same site several years earlier and dedicated to St. Agnes, a Bohemian saint who lived in the 13th century. The vineyard has around 7,000 vines and specializes in the production of ice wine and other dessert wines.

Overnight Stay: Yes – They have 10 rooms that can be rented. If you prefer something more modern, choose from various hotels and B&B in Sutton.

Cost: $$$$ (You must bring your own caterer)

Special Notes: This vineyard was for sale in the last two years which is why you won’t find any information on it. This location is on her Majesty the Queen’s watch list.


2) Ritz Carlton Montreal

This is my second pick because of the beautiful pond and excellent service.

Dreaming of a luxurious garden? The Ritz-Carlton Montreal offers luxury wedding venues and tailored wedding packages to meet a range of requests for your wedding day. Restored wedding halls in the downtown Montreal hotel marry historic charm with modern elegance, appealing to both traditional and contemporary brides and grooms. What I love the most about this little garden is that it feels very elegant and colourful. This is an excellent venue for small weddings during the pandemic.

Overnight Stay: Treat yourself to a stay in one of their beautiful rooms.

Cost: $$$$ (It’s the Ritz…)

Special Notes: I believe that Maison Bouloud will stay open while you have your wedding in the garden so make sure to ask for exclusivity if you want that added private touch. (Might not be an easy ask)


3) Jardins Royal-Mount

This open-air venue is a versatile space that offers a sophisticated backdrop for hosting private wedding celebrations, corporate events, and special occasions for hundreds of guests in a safe model that allows for proper social distancing.
It also serves as a stylish setting for public functions of any kind.

This site can flex according to government guidelines set by provincial and municipal leaders and conform to all health rules and regulations.

Overnight Stay: Stay at the brand new Westbury Montreal just a couple of minutes away.

Cost: $$$$$

Special Notes: Such a magical and versatile event space. Ideal for changing guidelines 😉


4) Beatrice Restaurant

I LOVE Beatrice. The food is incredible, the location is perfect and the service is beyond. I don’t consider this an “outdoor” venue but since they do have a roof that opens up, I think that this is a great choice for an indoor/outdoor location.

Nestled in downtown Montreal’s Golden Square Mile district, Ristorante Beatrice is an Italian eatery with an affection for flavour and style. Our one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience is inspired entirely by gioia di vivere; we offer refined modern Italian food in an urban oasis. Guests can dine on our terrace, an intimate and lavish garden in the heart of the city.

Overnight Stay: You are right in the middle of downtown Montreal so you could stay at the Mount-Stephen’s Club or the Four Seasons.

Cost: $$$$

Special Notes: Such an easy choice, make sure to call in advance as they get booked really quickly.


5) Chateau Taillfer Lafon

Such a magical venue for a small wedding. I’ve always wanted to get married here but it was just not possible with COVID. #COVIDBrides

Did you know that there’s a vineyard in Laval? The Château Taillefer Lafon vineyard is the largest producer of grapes from noble vines (vitis vinifera) in Quebec.

Overnight Stay: There are some hotels nearby in Laval but I would recommend guests stay in downtown Montreal.

Cost: $$

Special Notes: This is the type of venue that is nicely done indoors/outdoors. I also believe that they have a partnership with Europea now.


6) Il Cortile Restaurant

This is by far my favourite hidden gem of Montreal. It’s hard to find from this busy Sherbrooke street but once you go in through the basement, you find this magical garden. It’s truly unique. Worth a visit!

Overnight Stay:You are right in the middle of downtown Montreal so you could stay at the Mount-Stephen’s Club or the Four Seasons.

Cost: $$$

Special Notes: This is perfect for a party of approximately 80 people. Don’t think this is the right size for your wedding? This could be amazing for a bridal shower or a rehearsal dinner. I’ve seen some really romantic events here.


7) Willow Inn

This is a very cute venue in Hudson. It’s a bit of a drive away but I feel like it’s the only one on the list with a cute vibe.

The storied history of this iconic building dates back over 200 years. Many families and settlers have lived and worked at this historic Inn. Tradition is important to us in creating an intimate space that combines Québec beauty with chic British-inspired country elegance.

Overnight Stay: The only option are the rooms at the Willow Inn

Cost: $$$

Special Notes: Be mindful that this venue is in Hudson and you’ll need to rent buses to bring people back into the city if you don’t want them drinking and driving


8) Pavillion de la Jamaïque

I was supposed to get married here and we were going to do a cocktail dinatoire style wedding. That did not happen because of the pandemic. I would have loved to have that wedding!

Located in the heart of île Notre-Dame, in a wooden area of the magnificent Floralies Gardens, the former Pavillon de la Jamaïque, which dates back to the Expo 67, has been completely renovated to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and services.

Overnight Stay: You would probably want to stay at a hotel in Old Montreal. There are no hotels on the F1 Race track.

Cost: $$

Special Notes: This is perfect for a party of approximately 100-120 people. This venue is run by the city so they are very strict with guidelines.


9) Le Pont Couvert

If you’re into rustic vibes then this is such a unique venue for you. I think you’ll fall in love with this barn feel!

In the heart of the charming village of La Conception located 10 minutes from Mont-Tremblant, the Pont Couvert is a unique reception hall celebrating weddings, birthdays, corporate events, graduation and any other celebrations.

Overnight Stay: Any hotel at the Tremblant village

Cost: $$

Special Notes: There’s a very cute bonfire that happens at 10pm. Be aware that the venue is located in a small town so you have to shut off your music at 11pm BUT you can take the party to a bar in the Mont-Tremblant village.


10) Stonehaven Le Manoir

JUST FYI – I have never shot a wedding here. It is extremely hard to book a wedding at this venue. The waitlist is about 2 years.

If you’re looking for a stunning venue up north, Stonehaven might be the right spot for you. Following more than two years of major renovations, this new hotel in the Laurentides will delight travellers seeking a unique experience. You will be charmed by the quality of materials, the carefully chosen antique furniture and the stunningly beautiful chandeliers.

Overnight Stay: The Stonehaven Le Manoir

Cost: $$$$

Special Notes: Be careful with black fly season at this venue since it’s located up north.

Thanks for reading through my post. I hope this gave you some inspiration for your wedding. There are so many more venues that are popping up all the time such as Riverside Bar in Saint-Henri, Elm Ridge Country Club, Mount Bruno Country Club, etc… Which venues are you looking into? Leave me some comments below!

  • Natasha